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Just become slimmer and fitter. The different workouts of this DVD are perfectly matched. With a gut-specific, core workout for the low-lying muscles, abdominal legs-po training and fascism yoga, this DVD combines the best workouts for a great figure.

  • Langugge: German
  • Total playing time: Approx. 132 minutes

Belly Special

The gentle introduction to dream figure training: simple exercises for the abdominal and back muscles. The abdomen becomes flat, the posture improves. Also ideal for untrained people.

Core workout

The lower-lying muscles of the body center are intensively trained during the core workout and the cardio-vascular system is boosted - for a slimmer, firmer waist and a better basic fit.


An intensive special program at different levels: It stimulates fat burning, tightens the tissue and brings the classic problem zones into shape.


Deep training for a tight connective tissue, more flexibility and supple muscles: The gentle exercises from yoga loosen and stimulate the connective tissue around organs and muscles and stimulate metabolism and lymph function - ideal against tension and heavy legs.

DVD Sport Workout

Brand: Tchibo

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